How Smart Phones Affect Parenting

More than 75 percent of the UK population are smartphone users as of 2015, and according to a study by the University of Derby, 13 percent of users are addicted. With most adults admitting to having used their phones during social interactions with others, it is likely many parents are on their phones even as they are interacting with their kids. What does this mean in terms of parenting?

Negative Impact on Mental Development

phone-869669_1920 - CopyTechnology-distracted parents may spend the same amount of time with their offspring as non-distracted parents as detailed in Translational Psychiatry, but studies suggest the former are less predictable, less reassuring, and therefore less emotionally connected to their children. As early as in infancy, children need repetition and reliability from their parents to develop their neural systems: when the brain is processing pleasure or other emotions, for instance, neurones in the regions of the brain that handle those emotions need to become activated at the same time. Parents whose attentions are split between their phones and their children can only provide interrupted attention, however, high-quality it would have been. With compromised emotional development, the kids become more prone to problems such as anxiety and depression.

Negative Impact on Behaviour

While younger parents may argue technology use does not make them neglectful, a study by Penn State University suggests that when parents are with their kids, but mentally elsewhere — checking Facebook for a few minutes, for instance — the kids understand they are not their parents’ priority. This is directly linked to tantrums, difficulty communicating with others, and poorer speech development. “Distracted parents” also have children who are more defiant and anti-social and also eventually choose to engage with technology rather than other people themselves.

Negative Impact on Parenting

Wall Street Journal reports that more and more children are entering emergency rooms with injuries resulting from their parents being temporarily distracted by smartphones. Statistics show these parents are also more likely to blame the injuries on external factors, rather than themselves. At the same time, children who try to draw their parents’ attention back from the devices often receive harsh words, physical punishment, or no response from the parents. The distracted parents, in effect, become even poorer

It is understandable for parents, as adults, to find technology more interesting than playing or talking with their kids. By giving attention to those brightly lit screens, however, parents are devoting less to their kids, if only for brief moments. With childhood comprising only a limited number of precious and irretrievable moments, it may be wise for parents to put aside their gadgets and focus on the glowing faces before them, for the benefit of the whole family.

5 Amazing reasons why you should opt to buy wholesale furniture rather than simply hiring

The significance of furniture in our day to day life is huge. Furniture is just inevitable. On the contrary, despite the compulsive nature of this wonderful product, some people still choose to hire from wholesale furniture suppliers rather than purchase. Is it because of the price issue? Worry no more. Here we provide you with the latest high-quality bulk furniture of different types at a reduced cost making it affordable for you especially during events.

1. Low price. You don’t have to continue spending huge sums of money hiring furniture for events. The amount you spent in a year on hiring is enough to enable you acquire your own. That’s why we are offering you wholesale furniture at a bulk price to save you from incurring huge expenses in future unnecessarily. This includes dry bars, plastic stacking chairs, trestle tables and stackable bar stools

2. Wholesale furniture will reduce your transportation costs. Have you ever wondered the amount you spend on ferrying those chairs and tables from the place of hire to your home for events? It’s just incredible! You are simply spending a lot of money unnecessarily. Simply buy wholesale furniture and you will be done. You will have them in your house as the new owner. No further spending.

3. The exceptional quality of bulk furniture. Ever suffered from the embarrassment of hiring chairs for your guests only to sit and he/she finds himself on the floor? What are you waiting for? More embarrassment? Not. All our wholesale chairs are new and of excellent quality. If you make a decision to buy, this is what you will surely get.


4. A variety of its kind. Party or event furniture consists of a wide variety ranging from dry bars, stackable bar stools, trestle tables and plastic stacking chairs. Just imagine getting all these in one place. It also gives you the rare opportunity to choose from the different assortment available. You will be intrigued by at least one of them and experience self-fulfillment by purchasing. So do it.

5. Incomparable convenience. This type of furnishing is very convenient to buy especially if the party or event involves few guests. Why hire outdoor plastic stackable chairs when you only have ten people! You are better off if you simply buy them. Remember you will need them in future.

6. Wholesale chairs for beautification purposes. Imagine how a bar, restaurant or your house would look like without any furniture. I am pretty sure that the ugly scene won’t impress anyone. By buying nice looking and embellished furniture like the stackable bar tools, the place will look so beautiful. You will love it. You will appreciate your decision. I tell you. Your guests will like the sight too.

It’s evident that the advantages of buying wholesale chairs for events far outweigh the benefits associated with simply hiring. It saves your money in the long run, is convenient, you are guaranteed full ownership of the furniture among others. We, therefore, encourage people to make smart choices because that is what smart people do. Wholesale furniture; we sell, you buy, and you own.

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Timber Fencing offers great opportunities for your property

wooden fencing in the streets

In the mid-1700’s, early settlers cleared the land to begin building their lives with timber built furniture and fences. Today, timber fences continue to sprinkle the Aussie landscape. Timber fence panels that are frequently sold for fencing projects contain characteristics like gum veins, wane, knots, want, and minor insect damage. It also has features in domestic timber movements, that naturally include twisting, cupping, etc.

Timber fences are available in many forms, which includes picket, traditional paling, post, and railing. A fence serves many different functions, such as privacy, security, and defines property boundaries. Timber species is rated by four classes of durability for both in ground installation and outside above ground use.

Timber species are rated into four classes of durability for in-ground contact use and four classes of durability for outside above ground use, with Class 1 rated as the most durable and Class 4 the least durable. Traditionally, timber fencing timber should be chosen from these class types. However, their rating is based on the testing of stakes and poles embedded in the ground and on historical use. For each of the four classes, there is a service life range, where above ground ranges will be different from the in-ground contact ranges.

Timber fences are chosen in hardwood and softwood strengths, with a certification by the Australian Timber Industry Certification Organization (“ATIC”). Hardwood timber species stem from broad-leafed trees that bear seeds, and softwood varieties are coniferous or have needle-like leaves. Timber for fencing is highly recommended in the following species:

1. Pinelap Fencing: Pinelap timber fences provide excellent sound absorption, they are long wearing, and they provide a privacy design.

They can be installed with palings, plus they can be left looking natural, or they can be painted. Pinelaps make a very solid fence with their rustic look, their treated pine paling and rail characteristics.

2. Brushwood Fencing: This order of timber fencing is used vastly throughout Australia. It has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years and is maintenance free. Brushwood timber contains an oil content that is a natural protection from ants, spiders, and other insects. Brushwood timber is also great for blocking out extraneous noises, which makes it a great choice for residential properties. It is a strong timber that performs well against windy and openly exposed locations.

3. Jarrah Fencing: Jarrah timber is a hardwood species that has a rough bark, and it is very versatile in its different types of fencing applications. It is Western Australia’s most popular timber tree due to its course texture, with its straight and some interlocked grain features. The heartwood varies from reds to browns, with sapwood that is a distinguishable pale yellow. It is a Class 2 timber that is used in fencing because of its durability.

4. Homestead (“Post and Rail”): Many Australian boundaries in rural and semi-rural areas are dotted with post and rail timber fencing. There are different options of hardwood homestead timber for the post and rail fences, such as Cypress, Treated Pine, Creosote, White Mahogany, Stringybark, Iron Bark and more. Traditional post and rail timber fences have one to three rails, which means that they can be paired together for added length. Post and rail timber species are highly favoured for their flexibility to follow any length contour of any landscape.

If you are considering the use of wooden fences, make sure you contact a professional Perth local fencing supplier

The benefits of using Skip bins to keep your place clean

When you need a Skip bin hire, you should be aware of the benefits that you would enjoy when you need to use them. When you choose them, you will always be sure that you would have some benefits that makes it one of the best deals in the market. The following are the benefits of using Skip hire when you want to keep your house clean:

1. Skip bins offer you with that all-around solution for all of your home waste management

recycle your wasteWhen you use Skip bin, you will have large materials that will enable you clean what you would need especially when looking for something classy and good. When you use them, you will be in a position to accommodate easily all of your trash that may come out of your home. Also, when you use a skip bin, you will be able to collect all your trash at one place as opposed to having different places where you would wish to collect them. This makes it one of the easy ways of keeping your home clean. In the end, you will be able to improve your trash management without having to spend too much effort or time when managing your trash. Many homeowners who have used it have been able to keep their homes clean by removing trash easily.

2. It is very easy getting hold of your skip bin for your house

The market has numerous companies, which rent out these skip bins for those people who need to make their homes look cost. When you make a call to these companies, you will always be in a position to secure a skip bin to enable you clean. When you use them, you will always be sure that you would make your house look excellently clean without having to worry about the accumulation of dirt.

3. Skip bins come in different sizes

get a waste disposal planSkip Bins are bins of different sizes (2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3 available) that will gives you that wide range of option that would help choose that right size of taking care of personal particular needs. No matter what you need, you can always choose the best bin size when you hire them especially when you need to keep your home clean whether small or a large mansion. This means you will always find that perfect skip bin of your size for your home.

4. They are easy to clean and maintain

When you hire Skip Bins of different sizes, you will be able to make your home look clean when compared to other options. Many homeowners who have chosen it have been able to maintain their homes to look excellent. When you need that best deal, you would need especially when looking for ways to make your home super clean after hiring these skip bins.

In conclusion, the above information will enable you understand the benefits of using Skip bin hire whenever you are looking for the best deals in a given market. Many who have chosen them have found the best options in a given market.

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skip bins help you disposing your waste

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Medical Industry Printing Services

quality prints for medical businesses

Within the medical industry, the importance of having documentation and sheets ready to sign off and provide to patients is very important. Medical industry printing services are very important and offer a huge amount of useful services to the people who use them. Things like billing forms, prescription forms, medical records and various other little tidbits have to be recorded in good time to ensure that people can get the help that they need in becoming attuned with what they need, as well as to provide easy and simple to understand references to patients.

doctor performing a surgeryHowever, it’s important to take into consideration the importance of dealing with medical industry printing equipment in the right way – contrary to normal beliefs, it’s not as easy as just printing it all off the same way as you would with a normal printer.

One of the most common problems is getting this balance right, and using the right printing tools is absolutely vital for the long-term success of the business. The majority of the problems that come up, however, can be solved with relatively little problems on your end – a lot of them can even be solved on your own!

If you have the right printing equipment (Sony are one of the most trusted brands for medical printing form equipment) then you need to consider all of the following problems as something you might eventually run into along the way;

  • Medical bills and medical forms perth can come out not lined up properly – this is due to a formatting issue within the printer settings or the document settings. By simply raising the form within the printer, you can usually solve this program with relatively little issues. However, the forms themselves do need to be manipulated in the right way and sometimes the programming for each form – which has to be done manually – can come out wrong on the other end. To fix this problem, you just need to work with the software developers that you use to get your printing equipment. They should have support staff who can do it for you
  • What about when the form won’t print, though? What should you do then? It’s important to know that you have set up all the information correctly and that the print queue is working in the right way. Sometimes, though, this can be caused by an internal database issues elsewhere separate from the printer –a corruption in the file data or a totally blank medical record for a patient. Check the file to ensure it’s there, and then if it is you should go and speak to the IT support team to correct this issue as it’s a relatively big problem
  • If the form is not aligned when you put it all together, the problem will typically be that the program is printing either too soon or too late. To fix this, you just need to change the start ling on the document itself
  • Your most powerful solution to this is having the best medical printing equipment possible; you need to get things prepared by working with the right equipment, backed up by the right level of support staff

Calculating The Efficiency of Your Warehouse

The profits your business will bring in can be dictated by the efficiency of your warehouse. If you have limited space in your storage, you need to utilize the overall space and how it will work best for your business needs. Calculating your warehouse’s efficiency will help you form a plan to increase productivity with space you are dealing with and the use of materials handling. The following issues should be carefully considered because any delays to any of these issues could cost your business precious time and profits:

Turnover Time Of Your Product:

From the factory to the warehouseHow long will it take to move products out of your warehouse and into the hands of your customers after their arrived at your store?

Items need to move quickly if your turnover is slow this is costing you money and limiting the amount of products your company can process at one given time.

Unloading And Documenting Your Product:

When your product arrives at your warehouse, you must unload your goods and then document them. If you are slow at unloading the delivery, this will slow down the process causing bottle-necking. This in turn will make it impossible process the products.

The organization of your warehouse and the availability of the forklift you are using will dictate the efficiency of processing your goods. As this is quite a huge investment for the average business, you could rent or buy second-hand forklifts.

Organization And Storing:

Organisation and storing of the productsOnce your products have been unloaded and have documented what you have received, it is time to organize and store all your goods. This is all going to depend on your warehouse’s storage availability and will be an important factor in your product turnover time.

The last stage in your warehouse is the arrival and processing of orders. The amount of time it takes for you to receive orders, then sent to the warehouse and processing will impact your turnover time. Your overall organization of products picking processes will also affect your overall productivity.


Your warehouse is the backbone of your business. You must calculate your space, the setup of the warehouse and how well your warehouse can process orders will dictate your business’ efficiency. You must be able to move products on to your customers promptly. Delays due to slow operational actions will cost you and your business valuable profits and customer satisfaction.

Watch Out For Hidden Costs When Hiring A Mover

packing belongings with blanketsIf you do not ask questions when looking for a company to move your belongings to your new home, you might well end up paying a great deal more than you anticipated. When you speak to a moving company, you need to get an estimate of what the charges will be. This will help you understand what your charges are going to be so you can fit it into your budget. If you do your homework and shop around for a good mover, you can significantly save on your costs as well.

Get And Read The Fine Print:

Ask questions including the number of movers that will be required and what that will cost you. The number of large pieces of furniture vs. smaller pieces and what they charge for the number of boxes you have. If you only go by their hourly rate, you might be in for a big surprise because there are hidden charges. That cheaper moving company you found could end up costing you more. Many of the moving companies will sit down with you and go over the items you are moving, the number of boxes, etc. In turn, they will give you a pretty good idea what it will cost you. If your move is going to consist of larger items such as refrigerators and stoves your costs will increase a lot more. Learn more here.

Unexpected Situations:

As with anything in life, things happen. Storms, fires, floods and even accidents can delay your move. If anything were to happen, you should have money set aside for the cost of delays. Ask your mover what added charges would accumulate should there be a situation.

Your Security Deposit:

Before you leave your apartment keep in mind, it’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself. If you leave a mess behind, the apartment complex will not give you your security deposit back. Clean the stove, refrigerator, and vacuum/sweep the floors. That deposit might just come in handy so don’t leave it behind.


Storing of your belongingsIf something comes up that will delay your moving promptly, you might have to rent storage until moving is possible. Storage units vary from company to company so shop around and see what will be the best price for you. On average, a storage unit can run you up to $200 per month. Shop around in case something delays your move, and your apartment lease is up.


In Conclusion:

Believe me, no one looks forward to moving even if it is to a new home. Moving is very stressful; it is very tiring and you have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Throwing out old stuff, giving things away to places similar to Goodwill, packing up everything and making notes all take time and that means into the wee hours of the night. You probably will have more than a few nights of all-nighters! Once you are in your new home, you can unwind and only unpack what you need right away and then un-box items as you go along. Until then, make sure you have all the information you need to make your move as comfortable as possible. Know what your move is going to cost, have a backup plan should something go wrong and check off your list as each item has been taken care of. Then congratulate yourself for a safe and expeditious move!

The Benefits of Business Coaching

The Benefits of Business Coaching

To be able to become more efficient as an entrepreneur, there is a need to undergo a business coaching. It may be expensive to some professionals who offer this kind of service, but the benefit is worth the price. You can acquire many positive things once you hire a business coach.

Business coaching is now in demand because of the many people who already understand what it can give to business owners. The benefits it offers to many individuals are will define the success of your venture. To obtain the limelight of your company, consider the benefits of business coaching:

business manager

  • The first one is that it will transform your recent marketing techniques. This will be a strategy that will attract a customer that you want, and you can do your best in doing every project. You can also make a marketing plan that helps your business have a consistent flow.
  • The second one is it will improve your skills in selling. Sales coaching can address the sales resistance, and it can make your effort more organized. By that, the customers that you have will not slip away instead they will love more your product or service. You will also learn how to qualify various prospects or clients and make a process by following on the leads or referrals thru technique of improving your skills in selling. Also, you can close deals.
  • Third, it will help you manage your time well. Most of the business owners cannot manage their time, and they are often doing something unnecessary. As a result, they cannot finish all the daily tasks or works. Practicing this for many times will affect the company that may cause unproductive workflow.
  • Managing the time is very salient to all people especially for every businessman. It can be a skill that needs to be developed and if you, as a beginner, you need to have this talent by engaging yourself in business coaching. You will not be taught on how to market your product or service, but you will also learn how to manage your time well.
  • Fourth, it will improve your management skills. These abilities consist of the following: you will know how to motivate your employees to do their job well, learn effective approaches of delegation, develop among your employees the right sense of urgency, and make them an effective worker by means of training. Before these skills develop, you will undergo many steps. Thus, you should be patient enough in achieving the management competencies.

Aside from that, it will help you make your vision and a very strategic plan. You will learn this in a strategic planning and consulting making these as part of business coaching. When you make a vision, you will achieve it depending on how you will do it. However, this can be a reality you have a business coach.

All of the given benefits of business coaching are attainable; however, you have to learn how to leave your work. You also need to be relaxed so that you can face or do your job again. Thus, a business coach is very significant in an entrepreneur’s life. Business coaching has million bits of help that can offer to you so don’t hesitate to hire one.